Cruises in Patagonia

The Pacific coast of Patagonia is composed of a labyrinth of fjords and multiple islets. Rainfall is high here and the vegetation very dense, hosting numerous species. This complicated topography is inaccessible over land and deserves time in your travels, a few days reserved for a superb cruise onboard a comfortable ferry or a luxury cruise ship. For this reason, we also offer you on this website the most beautiful navigational itineraries of the region, which you can work in before or after one of our holidays.

You’ll find the prices of different cruise companies in each annex. You chose your cabin and sailing date. We check availability for you and make your reservation.

The Fjords of Patagonia


4 / 5 Days – 4 Nights onboard
Cross Cape Horn
Discovery of the Cordillera Darwin, Terra Incognita
Observation of abundant fauna
Onboard guides and quality conferences
Great comfort and gastronomy


Laguna San Rafael


6 Jours – 5 Nuits
Pension complète (boissons incluses)
Baleines bleues


Cape Horn and Darwin Cordillera


4/5 Days – 4 Nights
Sail around Cape Horn
Discover the Darwin Range, Terra Incognita
Observation of thriving fauna
Onboard guides and quality conferences
Great comfort and Cuisine