Whales in Patagonia

In Chile, there are three areas known for being feeding areas for whales: Chiloe Island, the Antarctic Peninsula and Francisco Coloane Marine Park.

Each year, between December and May, hundreds of humpback whales come as far as the Francisco Coloane marine reserve, located on the Strait of Magellan. This reserve, founded in 2003 and with an area of 67 thousand hectares, houses a great diversity of species: two types of sea bass, the leopard seal, Minke and Sei whales and humpback whales, as well as killer whales and penguins, who come together in this area to eat. The area is rich in nutrients thanks to a high water exchange (various depths) and a mixture of saline water and soft water from glaciers and rivers; the reserve also houses the imposing Santa Inès Glacier.

From May, whales head to their reproduction areas, near the coasts of Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica.

Sailing along this marine reserve, with nights spent on an island, allows you to go and observe, in total peace and quiet, these giants of the sea, and discover a new and exuberant nature.