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Nunatak Patagonia

Discover Patagonia from the north to the south with tailor-made tours.

There are some names which are sufficient in themselves to let our minds travel. Patagonia is one of them as so many explorers, seafarers and writers have turned its wild landscapes into legend.  From the vast expanses of the steppe to volcanoes, virgin forests and torrential rivers, the third largest freshwater body on the planet and where the Andes meets the ice caps, Patagonia’s varied landscapes and ecosystems are astonishing. 

Over the years, it has become a world famous trekking destination and the Eigth Wonder of the World is now in Chilean Patagonia. However, because of its geographical location at the world’s end and it very temperamental climate a large part of Patagonia is still quite underdeveloped, in our modern age. 

Our itineraries include the best-known treks in Patagonia. Their stunning panoramas are unique in the world and are truly unmissable. But we also want you to discover the other Patagonia, as it holds many treasures. From the legendary Carretera Austral – Chile’s Southern Highway – to Tierra del Fuego, we devise detours via little-trodden paths and routes, Estancias (ranches) where the real gaucho tradition still lives on, Maté shared over conversations, Asado (lamb) grilled over a woodfire. 100% Patagonian atmosphere guaranteed.

Tours from North to South

Cruises and Navigations

The Fjords of Patagonia

4 Days / 3 or 4 Nights

Laguna San Rafael

6 Jours / 5 Nuits

Cape Horn and Darwin Cordillera

4/5 Days, 4 nights on board

The camps

Camps for individuals – Camping Torres

Our individual mini-domes are in place from October to March on the Central campsite at Fantastico Sur, to the east of the Torres de Paine national park. This is the starting point for those who want to hike to the Mirador las Torres – 8-9 hours on foot – to look out on the three […]
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Camp for groups – Lago Brush

The Lake Brush Campground was born out of the dream to be able to find oneself all alone in the middle of nature, several hours walking distance from the nearest point of civilization, but with basic and sufficient comfort, at the gates of the Torres del Paine National Park.

Our team


Originally from Haute Savoie, she arrived in Patagonia in 1997, after several long journeys, sports education certificates and a BTS Tourism in her pocket. After several seasons as a guide on Trekking tours in Chilean Patagonia and Argentina, she founded with Luis Nunatak in 2004. She manages logistics and reservations from the office in Puerto Natales.


He is the Chilean of the team, from Puerto Natales, great creative and handyman, he takes care of all the logistics of Nunatak and is the origin of the Campamento Brush, a titanic work in the middle of the virgin forest! (See our Camps). He worked among other things on oil platforms, and on the logistics of American companies that organize Trek tours in Patagonia. Over the years he has been present in all Nunatak camps, in the most unlikely places.







They are the other Nunatak base, the ones who have accompanied the groups for years. Originally from several countries, but all French-speaking, they have in common their passion for Patagonia, which they have traveled for 20 years. Specialists in flora and fauna, in the history of the region and of two countries (Chile and Argentina), they are the ones who allow the traveler to experience real cultural immersion.

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